Hello World!

So I’m officially a blogger. All I had to do was have an email address. I love it! Does this make me important? I guess not, considering there’s God knows how many bloggers out there, but I do have to admit ~ I kind of feel important. I’ve always wanted to write a book but that seems like a whole lot of work, so I thought I’d try this blogging thing out in the mean time.


A little bit about me ~ I’m a 32 year old living in the suburbs of Atlanta with my husband. Currently we have 2 cats and some fish. We recently had to say good-bye to our beloved Lab “Marley” (and no, I did not get his name from “Marley and Me”. I named him way before that book ever appeared on shelves. And he was a black lab anyways. And much cooler, in my opinion). I’d love to get out of the ‘burbs’ one day, move towards the mountains, and add some goats and alpacas to our animal collection. But for now, in the ‘burbs’ we will be, but that’s ok because life’s pretty darn good.

I’m a certified Microbiologist by trade (nerdy, right?), but my true love is decorating. Some of my hobbies include gardening, anything artsy, the great outdoors, and music. I enjoy painting from time to time (although I’m pretty confident that I paint like a 5 year old), and I love fun crafty projects. DIY stuff is like therapy for me. As for the great outdoors, my husband & I have a goal to make it to one National Park each year. So far we’ve got 3 down in 2 years. Not a bad start I guess.

I bought a foreclosed house about 4 years ago, and although the majority of the fixing-up is done, there always seems to be another “project” to do. Some of these “projects” are actual things that need to be fixed/replaced/etc., but I’d have to say that the majority of these “projects” are simply things I’ve determined need to be done because I want to change something up or add to something we’ve already completed. I love doing stuff like that. In fact I think it’s somewhat of an addiction. Scary! I just really feel like your home should reflect who you are, and to me it’s a blast to do just that. I do it on a budget though, because unfortunately I do have one of those. If I didn’t, my whole house would be decked out in Anthropologie. It’s more of a challenge to decorate on a budget anyways, and way more fun. I love seeing people’s reactions when they compliment something and I reply with “oh yeah, that came from a flea market”. Beat that.

I guess that’s enough about me, for now at least. I need to do some soul-searching and figure out what my first real blog will be about … wish me luck. It’s not that serious, I know. But if I caught your attention in any way, shape, or form, I hope you’ll keep an eye out for my next post!


~ Lindsay



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