Hello World! (Part 2)

So I began this blog 2 years ago. I wrote my introduction and never wrote anything else. What can I say, life got in the way. Really I just got lazy and lost all motivation and confidence. I didn’t know exactly what type of blog I wanted it to be (do I make fun of the world and all it’s craziness? do I have tutorials for craft projects? do I just simply write about my own life?). So I did something I’m really good at when I can’t make a decision (which is pretty often) – I just put in on the back-burner of my life.

Back in December (yes, almost a year ago) one of my good friends bought me a journal and some pens for my birthday. It was her way of saying that I needed to pick this thing back up. She’s a very motivating person, so the gift along with a nice pep talk from her spurred me to make this blogging thing my New Year’s resolution. Of course I didn’t start on January 1 – who actually does that? It took my best friend urging me along this past summer to remind me of my resolution. It’s still 2014 though, so I’d say I’m good. Now that I have an infant, I figured what better time to start – you know with all my free time and everything. I thought about writing another introductory blog and letting my readers (which I’m estimating to be about 0 at this point) know of all the changes that have occurred over the past couple of years, but then I remembered I’m not that important so nobody probably cares. And really the only major things that have changed are the fact that we now have a baby boy named Austin and a Golden Retriever named Jax.


As I said in my very first blog, I love DIY projects – all the way from tiny crafts to refinishing large pieces of furniture – they’re all thrilling to me. Therefore I’ve decided to devote this blog (or at least the better part of it) to showing the world all the fun projects I do and how to do them. I’ll be posting pictures to my pinterest page as well, so if you’re as addicted to pinterest as I am, you can follow me at http://www.pinterest.com/lcetter.


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