Scrap Fabric & Hoop Art

I am in love with hoop art. It’s been around forever, mainly in cross-stitch fashion, but today there are so many new (and easy!) takes on it that I just can’t get enough. In my haste to finish Austin’s nursery, I helped myself to a few from Etsy and they are the cutest darn things ever – props go out to bohointheround and lulusloft for your lovely creations. I wanted to add my own touch by making some myself, but because I go a little nutty when things aren’t 100% complete (insert nursery here), I “cheated” if you will and took the easy way out by creating some “stitch-free” ones. I personally think they’re still pretty darn cute. Forgive me, son, if I wasn’t really up to learning how to cross-stitch while on maternity leave with a beautiful, yet somewhat needy, newborn. I hope he’s not totally put off by my shortcuts.

I should go ahead and mention my adoration of scrap fabric here. I never throw it away, not even the tiniest piece. Some people might think of it as hoarding (you know, similar to those people who hold onto used wrapping paper no matter what shape it’s in. I am not guilty of that, although I never throw out a gift bag and I mean if the tissue paper isn’t too crinkled …). Anyway, scrap fabric has so many uses it’s unreal. I’ve used it to make pin boards and pillows, canvas art and gift tags, as well as my very own hoop art creations ~


  • embroidery hoops (various sizes)
  • scrap fabric
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • sew-on patches (or in my case glue-on – I’m not kidding when I say I cheated, a lot)

step 1

take embroidery hoop apart and lay scrap fabric on top of the interior hoop. fit the exterior hoop around the outside and tighten. you may have to adjust fabric so there are no wrinkles

step 2

cut excess scrap fabric and glue remainder onto back of hoop so edges don’t show. if you’re dealing with really thin fabric (see elephants below), you can choose to glue a piece a felt or thicker fabric onto the back so it’s not so see-through, although when hung on a wall you really can’t tell.


step 3

cut out various shapes, objects, letters, etc from other scrap fabric and glue onto hoop (be careful with this step so the glue doesn’t show through the fabric. I used a paint brush to brush the glue on in a thin layer)


step 4

glue on cute patches/stickers/etc for a final touch


Above creations + my Etsy finds below …


= the final product (aka wall o’ hoop art) …


On a side note, if any of you are wondering where on Earth I get so much scrap fabric, let me just tell you that it is everywhere. Think fabric samples you pick up in stores or order online, quilting squares, leftovers from other craft projects or sewing creations, the cute little fabric pouches that things come in these days (I’m talking about sheets from Target specifically), old clothes that you don’t want to be seen in but just can’t part with, old curtains, old tapestries, old pillow cases, etc., etc., etc. I even keep my eye out for marked down fabric when I’m in craft stores and I’ll grab it if it’s cute enough and a really good deal. It’s truly everywhere. I have a basket labeled “scraps” in my craft closet for this very purpose. You may want to think of doing the same 🙂

Etsy credits:

Dapper Tweedy Fox and Little Jumpy Squirrel – bohointheround at

Mr. & Mrs. Owl – lulusloft at



  1. EmilyS says:

    These are so creative and simple – I love it! Might have to start also saving my scrap fabric!

    1. lcetter says:

      EmilyS – you should! Comes in handy quite often 😉

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