Fall Redo

Yes, that’s right, it’s technically not even Fall yet and I have already redone the Fall decor inside my house. I realize that this probably isn’t normal, but I also realize that I have these two things I deal with on a daily basis called indecisiveness and perfectionism … and together they’re like a time bomb continuously ticking inside my head. I’m half kidding and I do realize there are much worse things, but I do feel like dealing with these two qualities on a constant basis is somewhat of a curse. Let’s just take a moment right now to thank God that I did not become an emergency room doctor – it’s pretty apparent that I’m not the best decision maker when time matters. Indecisive Perfection probably should have been the name of my blog rather than My House of Love. I may change it, so don’t go stealing it 🙂

I blame my “Fall Redo” on two things (besides myself) – Instagram & the Target Dollar Spot. I’ve always been a fan of the Dollar Tree for certain things, like wrapping supplies and cheap solutions to a creative dilemma, but I have not even set foot inside a Dollar Tree since the Target Dollar Spot became a thing. And I swear the stuff just keeps getting cuter and cuter and the selection keeps getting bigger and bigger. And of course it’s right at the front of the store. You can’t go into a Target for toothpaste without passing by it, so of course you’re going to stop, right? Anyways, I digress. Let’s talk about Instagram. Instagram is new for me; I’ve always been a Facebook fan, if you can call it that. I only created an Instagram account when I started this blog as a way of promoting my blog, but now I’m officially addicted. Facebook who? I follow some really creative and talented people on Instagram, and their ideas get inside my head and don’t leave until I do something about them. So I recently did, and now I’d like to share …

The Entryway Table (before) –


The Entryway Table (after) –


The changes –

I got rid of the mercury glass, my beloved Tuesday Morning wreath, and my metal bull. As much as I love mercury glass, the table wasn’t throwing off the vibe I wanted. It was a little too fancy for my liking, to be quite honest. And I was just tired of that wreath. The bull wasn’t really holiday decor to begin with, so he just got moved back to where he came from.


I replaced the mercury glass candles with a fabric pumpkin (Target) and chalkboard (Target Dollar Spot), and I replaced the wreath with an old mason jar filled with my cotton picks, my twigs, and fake leaves (Kroger). I also added the adorable felt pumpkin garland (Marshalls).

064060 062057

The Fireplace (before) –


The Fireplace (after) –


The changes –

The vase of dried garlic and twigs got moved from the mantle to the hearth. It was replaced by a Welcome sign (Target). Our fabric wedding birds got moved to another area in our house, and I decided to add a gold/white pumpkin (Target Dollar Spot), as well as another personal picture to the mantle.


The pumpkins that were in the Farmhouse Lotus Bowl got moved, which you’ll see later on in this post; every time I looked at that bowl, I thought I was looking at a bowl full of oranges. I opted to throw a few adorable pillows (Target Dollar Spot) in the bowl instead, because doesn’t everyone keep their pillows in a bowl? Mr. Turkey also got moved and you’ll see him later on. He was replaced by a couple more gold/white pumpkins (Target). The mason jar of twigs & cotton (which is now on my entryway table) got replaced by the vase of dried garlic & twigs.


As for the garland, I found this fun burlap banner (Target Dollar Spot) and just had to have it; of course I had no idea where I was going to put it but something told me I couldn’t live without it. It’s already fraying so I’m happy it came from the Dollar Spot and not a regular-priced Target aisle, but it’s still cute as long as you don’t look too closely. I’m kind of digging the double garland look, for now at least.


The Dining Room Table (before) –


The Dining Room Table (after) –


The changes – I added pine cones!

The Coffee Table (before) –


The Coffee Table (after) –


The changes –

I was not a fan of my Fall coffee table decor and I kept wondering why I felt the desire to even share it in my original Fall Home Tour post. I mean what was with the pine cones sticking out from the burlap? It looked like some kind of armor for the orchid. Needless to say, that exists no longer. My orchid is sitting happily on our kitchen table with no shield around it. And, better yet, I am finally happy with the coffee table centerpiece and it’s all thanks to the Target Dollar Spot. I found the burlap placemat and the little wooden crate during my last Target trip. Add a few small mason jars and some fresh-cut flowers, and there you have it. It may not be very Fall-like, but I don’t care. It took me a long time to get to this point in my life.

So that does it for the ‘changes’ I made, but now it’s time for the ‘additions’ (I’ll be quick I promise) …

The Dining Room Cabinet –

As much as I would love to Fall-ify (new word?) every single shelf in this cabinet, I will not do it. I found this adorable acorn garland (Target Dollar Spot) and thought it would add a nice Fall touch.


The Bar –

The bar felt very left out from all the Fall decorating, so I had to work a little magic to make it feel better. This is where those pumpkins originally in my Farmhouse Bowl ended up, but as you can see I decided to have a painting party and make 1/2 of them cream. I like the mix. I originally bought the wire storage basket (Target Dollar Spot) to store my scrap fabric in, but the pumpkins looked better.


Mr. Turkey got relocated to the bar as well. I found the wheat bundle at Target (yes it’s fake, which I kind of hate, but it’ll do for now). I placed the wheat in a blue mason jar which I already had, and I scoured our house until I found something else that would mix in well … a candle always works.


I’m seriously loving everything now and I’d be surprised myself if I make any more changes, but I’m not going to promise anything (I wouldn’t want to lie to you). I do promise, however, that if anything else does change, I won’t bore you with another ‘tour’ … unless it’s magazine-worthy 🙂
I’d love to hear your thoughts on the before vs. after (good or bad)!

Be sure to follow me on FB and IG to see behind-the-scenes pics of all the projects I get my hands onto throughout the week!



I’ll leave you with a sneak peak of our exterior Fall decor. I haven’t succumbed to buying pumpkins yet for fear that they’ll rot because it’s still a little hot out, but stay tuned for more!



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