My House of Love recently decided to get all fancy and get itself a logo. Yep, that’s right, My House of Love is big time now. Seriously though, we do have a logo, and it’s pretty darn cute if I can say that, although I guess I might be a little on the biased side. What’s your opinion?

When I started this endeavor back in June, my main objective was to blog. End of story. I wanted to blog about my room designs, decorating in general, crafting, and all other things related (or not related). My thoughts were “I’ll just see what comes of it”. I started a WordPress blog, a Facebook page, and even an Instagram account as a way of promoting my blog … but it didn’t take long for me to learn that the blogging world (while very fun and very friendly) is an overly saturated market and that just blogging probably wasn’t going to take me anywhere. Don’t get me wrong – I’m blogging for myself. I need it as a creative outlet and I love it, and I plan on continuing to do it.  But in an effort to see if this little endeavor of mine can go anywhere, I  came up with some plans for the near future as well, including opening up an Etsy shop (I actually already have the name reserved but since I currently have 0 products they won’t let me “open shop”). Funny how that works, huh? I’m in the process of narrowing down what I want to make and sell. I’m also in the process of deciding if I want to start-up some e-design services.  So there’s lots going on in the My House of Love world – it’s just a little slow going as there’s lots going on in my personal world as well 🙂

After sharing my future plans with a dear friend of mine, Pilar, who happens to be co-owner of Pili & Talli Events (www.piliandtalli.com), she suggested I get a logo. I’ll be honest – my very first thought was “why”? Why would someone like me and my little blog need a logo? But then we talked further and I realized that if I want to take on these other things in the future, I’m probably going to need business cards and cute packaging and a website, and so on and so on. A logo was starting to make sense …

So when I got home from our little outing, I googled “custom logo” and my head immediately started spinning. SO MANY OPTIONS came up that I was exhausted before I even read the descriptions. Prices ranged from free to hundreds of dollars. Why? Sometimes (a lot of times) I hate choices. I then remembered that I knew somebody in the graphic design field who had recently started freelancing.  I sent her a quick message on Facebook explaining my dilemma (mainly too many choices) and letting her know I was looking for a simple, not too expensive, logo design. When she offered to help, I jumped on it. I knew her, I liked her, and I trusted her. And better yet, I didn’t have to look at that google search on my computer screen anymore.

Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll detail the branding process from a super indecisive and perfection-oriented person’s point of view (MINE) as well as from a talented designer’s point of view. I’ll show you the beginning sketches all the way to the final options. I’ll even let you know who I used in case you want to use her too 🙂 Okay fine, I’ll go ahead and tell you that part – Lindsay Boseman Creative. Look her up at https://www.behance.net/lindsayboseman.

‘Til next time!

If next time’s just too far away, feel free to follow along so you can see what I get myself into throughout the week ~






  1. EmilyS says:

    super cute!

    1. lcetter says:

      Thank you Emily! 😊

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