Baby It’s Cold Outside …

… but it’s really not … not for the week of Christmas at least. I’m sorry but I want some snow. I’m truly dreaming of a white Christmas but seeing as the high for the Metro ATL area is 76 on Friday (are you kidding me???), I guess I should just keep dreaming. So while I’m dreaming, I’ll bring you guys inside like I promised for a little holiday home tour.

One day I vow to decorate the entire house for Christmas. Yep, bedrooms and all. It’s been done by others and I’d like to follow in their footsteps if they don’t mind. I need to hit up lots of after-Christmas sales before that happens though, so it may be a few years. For now we’ll just focus on what I did decorate – our entryway, hall bathroom, den, kitchen, and dining room.

Welcome to our home! I love how the metal Santa greets you as you enter. Of course I’m too scared to actually light the candle he holds … can you blame me? It’s kind of at a bad level when you have a toddler and a dog. On a side note, I absolutely love the details in the garlands.

I love decorating our hall bathroom. It doesn’t take much considering you can barely do a 360 inside this little room.

Next up is our den. I love the feel of this room when it’s all decked out and all the lights are on – it gives off a vintage Christmas glow that I just can’t get enough of.

Notice the lack of bows and ribbon on the few gifts I’ve wrapped … just one of the joys of owning cats 🙂

I kept the side tables and coffee table pretty simple this year.

Rather than covering the entire bar area with garland and candles like I’ve done in the past, I decided to just add some decor to both ends and leave it open so we could actually get some use out of it, especially since we had a party this past weekend with 20 plus guests. We needed all the extra space we could get.

I purchased a few new Christmas pillows this year (at full price which I usually don’t do, but I just wanted them SO badly). I’m hoping to find a couple more after Christmas so I can completely fill the couch … because who doesn’t love a couch full of pillows?

On to the kitchen! I focused on a few different areas within the kitchen – the counter top, above the fridge, the bookshelf, and the little table that we never eat on because we prefer the couch (and the TV). Don’t judge. And apparently I need to eat those bananas.

DSC_2560 (2)

DSC_2552 (2)

And last but not least by any means … the dining room. I can’t decide if I like the feel of this room or the feel of the den better. Thoughts?

DSC_2572 (2)

And that wraps up my holiday home tour … hope you enjoyed! And better yet, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Keep your eyes out for my next post where I’ll share a fun and easy DIY project!


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