Baby Fever

Nope, not pregnant. Just making that clear in case the title had you wondering. My friend, however, happens to be with child and I had the honor of co-hosting a shower for her with three other lovely ladies this past weekend. I think the four of us did a pretty decent job if I can say so myself. We decided on a muted rainbow theme. Everyone with me? No? Basically we picked a few colors from the rainbow and chose more muted shades so everything wasn’t bright, blinding and circus-like. The final winners were burgundy, burnt orange, mustard, teal and mint. Oh how beautiful (this picture does NO justice). Seriously, I want to redo my son’s room in all these colors. That may be my next project.


But anyway, I helped out with decorations and favors for the shower so I figured I’d share some of the fun details with you because, well, why not? Finding tissue paper in these colors led me to Etsy (the party and craft stores around me just weren’t cutting it), but thank you Soiree Supply for your magnificent selection! I basically spent Friday evening at my dining room table surrounded by mounds of tissue paper as I created poms of various sizes and what I like to call pinwheels. And yes, that may be a glass of wine you see … as well as leftover poms from my son’s birthday hanging from the chandelier (I finally pulled those down this morning). Just ignore that stuff. But don’t ignore all the wonderful colors! I mean, even the scraps are pretty.


I think the thing I’m most proud of is this Pinterest-inspired beauty below. I can’t take full credit, however. I made the white tissue clouds and another hostess cut the raindrops out of card stock which just happened to match the tissue paper colors exactly. Nice going, right? A third hostess, whose house we used, just happened to have that branch hanging in her foyer. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.


And now you can see where some of those poms and pinwheels I made ended up going …


Not a very exciting detail, but I thought these straws were so cute! They worked perfectly for the mini bottles of champagne 🙂



For the favors, we decided on a candy buffet. Being that it was a couples shower, I tried to steer clear of the girly favors, not that the guys would have cared, but I figured everyone likes candy, right? The candy, containers, scoops and treat bags all came from Party City. I simply made name cards with kraft paper card stock and a silver paint pen. The burlap/gold banner and chalkboard came from the Target Dollar Spot and I just happened to have the “b” stamp at home. I can’t take credit for stamping the bags or writing on the chalkboard though – that was done by the raindrop maker – she’s a way better chalkboard writer than me.



I had nothing to do with the food, but can we take a minute and pay our respects? The hostess in charge of this did awesome – beef tenderloin, meat/cheese board, and all. And how about those little yarn poms? The same hostess that made the raindrops made these and they were the perfect addition to the food table.


And the cupcakes … oh the cupcakes. They were delicious and they were made from scratch by one of the hostesses’ mother-in-law. I could have eaten 20.



There was much more goodness at this shower, including an adorably perfect diaper cake, fun games, delicious drinks, and just an all-around good time had by all, but this pretty much wraps up my contributions. If you ever find yourself planning a muted rainbow baby shower, feel free to contact me. I’ve got tissue poms and pinwheels galore. And even some leftover candy 🙂

Happy Monday!




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