To Boho or No?

So about that den redesign I started back in the fall … nope, not much new to report there. I’m still in the process of making it happen but it pretty much feels like forever since I started on that gallery wall. My main roadblock has been my indecisiveness. Go figure. I mean, why are there so many pretty things out there? Why are there so many styles I like? Why do I swear that I want a total farmhouse feel in our house and then buy the loudest most colorful tchotchke I can find?

Because that’s me. And it drives me nuts. I have narrowed down my favorite “style” to four (not bad for someone like me): mid-century modern, bohemian, farmhouse, with a touch of glam. No joke. When I began this den redesign I decided to make it our mid-century modern room with some major boho touches. But then I kept seeing velvet furniture and modern gold accessories I liked and I started leaning towards a modern romantic glam room. And then I had a moment where I wanted cacti and kilim in every corner of the room and wanted to go boho all the way. And then I just got plain confused about what I really wanted so I gave up. But sometimes putting a problem that’s not really a problem (you know, like a den redesign that doesn’t even need to be done) on the back burner is the best thing you can do.

As of a couple months ago, I was stuck in the “I want the entire den to feel like a bohemian wonderland” mindset, but I’m slowly trying to pull myself away from that one. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with the boho style AT ALL. But knowing myself the way I do, I know our den would have been overkill and you’d probably have cactus pricks on your face when you left our house and you’d probably be color-blind from seeing too many colors and patterns all at one time. If there’s anything I’ve learned from painting the majority of our house teal, it’s that you really can have too much color. I know, it’s a sad realization. I also realized I hate painting.

I created a mood board (yay Olioboard!) with some of my most favorite bohemian touches. I plan to use this as a guideline when picking pieces and hopefully it will help me not to go too overboard in the land of boho goodness. From all the research I’ve done (aka shopping and perusing Pinterest), I’ve determined that there are 6 aspects to focus on when trying to create a bohemian-inspired room: leather, wood, greenery, rattan, faux fur and colorful patterns. My board is made up of some amazing pieces (in my opinion at least) that fall into these 6 categories. OB-boho room


Leather Sofa – Pinterest (I can not find the source for the life of me). I LOVE the simple style & that color is perfection.


Metal Woven Chindi Chair – Cost Plus World Market ($170)


Metal Woven Chindi Bench – Cost Plus World Market ($150)

mid-century-media-console-acorn-o (1)

Mid-Century Media Console – West Elm ($1599)


Rattan Bar Stool – Tropical Breeze ($339)              


Torres Wool Kilim Rug – West Elm ($349)            ×8


Faux Fur Throw Pillow Cover – OIJA ($20)            ×18-soft-plus-mongolian-faux-fur-throw-pillow-cover-cushion-case


Fiddle Leaf Fig – picture courtesy of Google.       


Bowl Full of Colorful Succulents – picture courtesy of Pinterest. This is an easy DIY!

Now the objective is to try to recreate these pieces (at least some of them) for a tad bit cheaper so that my love for boho doesn’t break the bank. Who doesn’t love a challenge though, right? I’ve already checked off a couple of these items and I’ll be sharing what I’ve found with you in a future post. Hopefully my hand-picked items will give any of you readers looking for some insight to the boho style a little push in the right direction. It doesn’t take much if you pick the right stuff. Happy shopping!


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