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Good Monday morning! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and took some time to reflect and remember those lives lost on 9/11 – fifteen years ago. It’s crazy. In some ways it seems like yesterday as I can vividly remember what I was doing and how I felt at the time, yet in other ways it seems like a lifetime ago. Regardless, there has never been a truer statement than We Will Never Forget – no matter how much time passes. I spent the morning listening to the names of those who lost their lives being read aloud at the 9/11 anniversary ceremony – isn’t it just so amazing that this is done each and every year? It’s beautiful, but it never gets any less heartbreaking. Freddie Jones playing that trumpet before the Cowboys/Giants game moved me to tears as well. God Bless this country.

We had a very busy weekend planned which ended up turning into a weekend of unexpected nothingness due to an unwelcome stomach bug finding itself a home at my son’s daycare last week. Although home today, he seems to be on the mend, and so far my husband and I have been spared. Thank God. Norovirus is a nasty one. Needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of productivity going on in our household this weekend and now it’s Monday again. Already. Confused by the title of this post yet? Don’t be – I went off on a tangent as I sometimes like to do 🙂

I mentioned at the close of my last post that I’d be featuring some creators I’ve had the pleasure of “meeting” through Instagram and I’m really excited to share with you one of them today. If you’re not familiar with the IG Maker Sale, you should be! It takes place once a month via Instagram and you’ll see makers/creators/artists (whatever name you want to give ’em) from all walks of life joining together to sell their handmade goods. You’ll find everything from jewelry to wooden signs to buntings, banners, and garlands, as well as everything in between! I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in this sale the last few months and it always proves to be a good time as it’s a way to not only showcase and try to sell your goods, but to come together as an artistic community. This coming Friday (the 16th) is the next IG Maker Sale so make sure to follow me on Instagram (as well as the lovely lady I’ll be featuring) so you can stay on top of all the deets. Did I mention the lovely lady I’m featuring is one of the hosts of this sale? Well she is!


Meet Vicki – owner of VickiAnnCreations in South Carolina

Isn’t she adorable?

Vicki loves old things so she sells untouched vintage items, gives love to worn out vintage items and even repurposes some of them for new homes (my favorite). She also makes everything from wreaths to ribbon garlands to wood slices for your home decor needs … sounds to me as if she’s got you covered! Take a peek at some of her lovely goods below, including the newly created, the true vintage, and the repurposed (like that antique garden hoe turned Christmas decoration – pretty creative if you ask me)!

Just a little note on that orange & purple ribbon garland – yes, those are Clemson colors for all you Tiger fans out there … BUT do not fear! She can make you a custom garland in any football team colors! I feel much better now being that I’m a BULLDOG fan 🙂 She doesn’t sell these in the IG Maker Sale, but you can contact her via Instagram or Etsy to create your own!

Vicki used to craft all the time but then over time she just stopped (sounds 100% familiar, friend). She picked it back up as a way to deal with stressful days and in turn she was reminded why she loved creating so much. Now that’s a healthy way to deal with stress, am I right? So now, no surprise at all, creating is once again a favorite hobby of hers.

When she’s not working on her unique creations, you’ll find Vicki helping her husband out with … beekeeping! Bet you didn’t see that one coming. I sure didn’t 🙂 He’s new at the gig and she’s his favorite assistant. How’s that for a well-rounded gal?

You can find VickiAnnCreations on Etsy, Instagram & Facebook. Make sure to follow along so you don’t miss out on any of her creative creations! More details on all the goods listed above can be found here as well ~


That’s a wrap for today’s feature – hope you enjoyed “meeting” Vicki as much as I have. This was just a taste of some of the incredible talent you’ll find during the IG Maker Sale on Instagram THIS FRIDAY. Get your wallets ready!

Remember to follow along for all the details ~

Lindsay (me) (

Vicki @vickianncreation (

– OR – search the #IGMAKERSALE hashtag on Friday to see all the handmade goods for sale!

Happy week ahead 🙂



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