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Me again! I know, two posts in one week … what’s up with that? With the IG Maker Sale happening this Friday, I’m all fired up and ready to showcase some of these talented creators so you can get a sneak peek of what’s in store. I know it’s still hot as you know what here in the South, BUT believe it or not – the holidays will be here before you know it. I promise. And the IG Maker Sale might just be the perfect place for you to begin your holiday shopping spree. Hint. Hint. Speaking of the holidays, how about those holiday parties? Planning on hosting one? Or any event for that matter? Then I’ve got just the young lady for you to meet!


Meet Christina – owner of Brides, Wives, & Babes in South Florida

Christina & her rescue pup, Frankie … have you seen anything cuter?

Christina makes event decorations for ALL occasions. If you’re celebrating something special, then she’s your gal! She can make banners, cake toppers, cupcake toppers, drink stirrers, party straws and more! And we all know it’s those little details that make all the difference – am I right? Just look at these adorable creations below! I’m finding myself falling in love with mermaids all over again … anyone with me?

Christina has enjoyed crafting since she was a little girl. Her mom was a teacher and had always been very creative so she’s pretty sure she got the crafting bug from her. She even had a small tote she would carry around with her when they’d leave the house just in case she had an opportunity to craft. Talk about committed!

When she’s not working on her super cute creations, Christina enjoys watching movies, playing at the dog park with her rescue pup, Frankie (see adorable picture above) and she absolutely LOVES nature (me too, girl!). She loves being outside and admiring all the animals, trees and even the sky. She grew up on a farm with a bunch of different animals (little jealous here), which probably taught her to love and respect animals and nature so early on in life. By the way, did you know a group of emus is called a mob? I didn’t, until now – you really do learn something new every day. Thanks Christina!

You can find Brides, Wives, and Babes on Etsy, Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest. Make sure to follow along on her creative journey – I know you’ll be glad you did 🙂 More details on the goods listed above can be found here as well ~


And that does it for today’s artist feature – hope you enjoyed getting to know Christina as much as I have! Remember to get your holiday shopping lists ready for the next IG MAKER SALE – THIS FRIDAY!

Follow along for all the details ~

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– OR – search the #IGMAKERSALE hashtag on Friday to see ALL the handmade goods for sale!

Happy Hump Day!


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