Holiday Home

Praise the Lord! Our house is finally decorated for the holidays! I truly thought it might never happen this year. Decorations have been scattered across our dining room floor since the day before Thanksgiving. Literally. I was so excited to decorate our new home but then quickly realized I had no idea where to put things because our house is SO different from our last house and pretty much nothing fit in the same place. Poor me, I know. I mean I love being creative and all but I just didn’t have the time this year. I need easy right now. Anyone with me? But the decorating is done. For the most part anyway. There’s still a bin of Christmas decor I haven’t even touched but it might just have to stay that way this year. There were a few mishaps along the way including a missing baby Jesus, a missing tree topper, 70% of the lights not working, a nearly-amputated finger from those wire dew drop lights cutting off my circulation, no room for this, no room for that, so on and so on. But in the end I think it all came together just fine … except for the missing tree topper which still has yet to be found.

I’m not sure why I stress myself out over decorating the inside and outside of our home, sending holiday cards, baking Christmas cookies, scheduling a Santa visit, scheduling a time to view Christmas lights, hiding the elf day after day, threatening my child on a regular basis that Santa and Dave (our elf) are watching … oh yeah, and shopping. It seems to leave pretty much no time to simply enjoy the season (which in my opinion is the absolute best season of them all). Or maybe all these things are what make up the enjoyment? Either way, I know I’ll do it all year after year because to me it just doesn’t feel like Christmas otherwise. Maybe I’ll start in September next year and be way ahead of the game.

A few of my favorite things from this holiday season thus far involve my son and his complete innocence: his Christmas list – a cow, a spinning toothbrush, a mint and a lightbulb; his singing along to all the Christmas music I play entirely too often and getting the words completely wrong; his referring to mistletoe as “missing toe”, and of course all the constant questions about Dave (the elf) – why does Dave have a big tag on him? Why does Dave always look in the same direction? Why is Dave not breathing? This elf thing might be short-lived, but be. still. my. heart.

Now on to the point of this post – to share some shots from our home all decked out. Hope you enjoy!

The Exterior –

The Entryway –

The Dining Room –

The Kitchen –

The Den –

I even added some touches to the office and a couple of the bathrooms because, well, why not?

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season! 17 DAYS TO GO!!!



  1. Jane says:

    Everything looks fabulous! The snow came just in time for some awesome photos, but horrible timing for our trip!😢

    1. Lindsay @ My House of Love says:

      I know! I’d be totally fine with some non-snow pictures if it meant our trip wouldn’t possibly be messed up 😔 Thank you for reading ❤️

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