One Room Down

Good Monday morning! The Super Bowl really should be on a Saturday, am I right? Luckily it was a peaceful morning in our house due to the Eagles winning last night. I’m not sure how our morning would have started out otherwise due to my husband, and more recently our four year old son, being die hard Eagles fans. We had to experience the pain of the UGA Bulldogs losing the National Championship so I’m extra thankful for the outcome of last night’s game. Two football heartaches so close to each other would not have been pretty.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how absent I’ve been with this blog and how all over the place I’ve been with my Instagram posts of our house. When we moved in July I was so excited at the thought of having so much content to write about and so many room transformations to share, but it’s been a S.L.O.W. process. I’ve been posting random pictures of the few areas that are completely done in our house … and by few I mean very few. We moved in July and yet there are still boxes stuffed in closets that need to be unpacked. Our garage looks like 3 episodes of Hoarders combined together, at a minimum. With every room we start to do we find unexpected issues … and believe it or not, I just found out that money doesn’t grow on trees around here, and so there’s that. Bummer.

With that being said, I am happy to report that our son’s room is done-zo! I’ve shared snippets here and there and I’ve gotten several questions about where stuff came from, what paint I used, etc, so I wanted to devote a post just to his room and share all the deets. Here’s to one room all the way down!

Here’s the BEFORE:

And here’s the AFTER:

Changing out the paint and flooring made such a huge impact. Goodbye multi-colored walls and dingy carpet and hello Sherwin Williams 6484 Meander Blue and White Oak hardwoods. We had to match existing hardwoods in the main part of the house and while this wasn’t necessarily easy, we did it after numerous visits to multiple flooring stores as well as countless online requests for wood floor samples. I could easily build a piece of furniture out of all the samples I have … except for the fact that I can’t build furniture.

Next up was painting his night stand and bookcase because the green just wasn’t looking right with the new wall color. Enter Sherwin Williams 6169 Sedate Gray.



After all the painting and flooring was complete it was easy to finish up the rest. I just had to force myself to shop for some cute accessories to fill up the space. Poor me, I know. Luckily we kept most of the items from his old bedroom so I didn’t have to find much for the walls or shelves.

I started with curtains. I fell in love with the Cloud Island Plus Sign curtains (pictured above). The Cloud Island line at Target is very similar to the Pillowfort line and I’m seriously obsessed with both. I changed out the lampshade that came on the Pillowfort Fox lamp (Target) because it was just a bit too much white. I scored a gray velvet shade (above) from World Market and it was marked down due a tiny dent. I’ll take it!

I did finally find all the letters to spell out his name above his bed. I bought all the letters as is, from various stores and antique markets. I ended up having to paint the “I” as I couldn’t find one I really liked. I bought a plain wood one from Target (who has such a cute craft line by the way) and did a white/gray splotchy combo using acrylic paint.


Below are some of my favorites from his room. Pretty much everything is from Target (gasp!). Exceptions include the following:

prayer on canvas (Etsy – Houseof3) // bear print (Marietta Square Artist Market – so wish I could give the artist credit but I lost the card) // wall decal (Etsy – Durido) // live simply print (Etsy – LatteDesign) // “A” book (Etsy – CustomBooks) // clay polar bear (my husband made it when he was little. how cute is that???) // owl hoop art (Etsy – lulusloft) // mountains are calling print (Etsy – thestudioonrobinlane) // wooden box & clay fox (handmade by my talented brother & niece, respectively!) // fox & squirrel hoop arts (Etsy – bohointheround)

And that’s a wrap! It feels so good to be done with one whole room. I mean it’s so nice to not walk into a room and immediately make my mental list of the 18+ things that still need to be done in said room. Silly problems I know … but it still feels good 🙂

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!



  1. Jane Broaddus says:

    His room looks amazing! Love the colors! Great job!!!

    1. lcetter says:

      You are so kind Jane! Thank you so much! 😘

  2. Sarah Maurer says:

    Love the transformation! Amazing job!

    1. lcetter says:

      Thank you so much Sarah! And thanks for reading!!! 😘

  3. patricia dewey says:

    I sit here in amazement of all that you do while working and being a wife and mother!

    1. lcetter says:

      Pat! You are so kind! Thank you so much for reading & for the sweet words ❤️

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