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Good Monday morning! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and had a chance to relax as well as have some fun before the dreaded work week rolled around again. I know, I know – I should be thankful for my dreaded work week and truthfully I really am. There’s just something about Monday mornings, am I right?

We had a pretty busy weekend which involved a Cinco de Mayo lunch with friends, lots of yardwork, picking out design finishes for my mom’s new home build, me co-hosting a baby shower and the boys fishing in the mountains. The weather was perfect and my husband and son even decided to take a swim in our pool – not quite hot enough yet for me though. It went by too fast as always but man did we enjoy it. Hope you all did too 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve done an artist feature so I’m extra excited to share a lovely lady with you all today. For those of you not familiar with these types of posts, I truly enjoy featuring some of the amazing artists I’ve “met” through Instagram from time to time. Instagram has such a wonderful community of talented makers/creators/crafters (whatever you want to call them) and I have so much fun featuring some of my favorites here on my blog as a way to spread the Instagram artist community love.


Meet Lynne – owner of Art by Lynne Ann (California)

Isn’t she too cute?
Lynne’s first real introduction to the arts was during her junior high school years when she took her first sewing class. Get this – she chose to make a floor length coat! I remember my sewing class days well and all I had to show was a very sad teeny tiny pillow. I couldn’t even imagine making a coat, but Lynne did. Although it was a few sizes too large for her, it was totally wearable for someone else 🙂
During the next three years in high school, Lynne took ceramics and drawing classes and this is when her passion for throwing and glazing pottery ignited the artist within. The beautiful pottery photos below are Lynne’s latest collection that she calls “Sandy Bottoms”.


About 12 years ago Lynne learned to paint with acrylics by taking private lessons from a friend. Even her friend moving out of the area didn’t stop her from learning more; she then signed up for classes at her local college. How’s that for commitment? She learned acrylics, dabbled in oils, and found her latest passion – watercolors. She especially loves the wet on wet painting technique. Aside from framing her finished pieces, she likes to have them digitally printed on pillow covers, tea towels, totes, leggings (how fun!), and so much more. Her favorite? Creating pieces specifically for her clients.


When Lynne’s not working on her beautiful creations, you may find her working in her garden and taking care of the roses. Last summer she built two potters benches and set them side by side so that she now has a place where she can spend hours planting and potting. I think I need these potters benches in my life! She also enjoys attending music concerts, plays, seaside communities, and she loves to travel. She enjoys traveling up North all the way from Orange County to the Canadian Border. She even went to Scotland last year and met up with a few of her cousins. This year she’s traveling to Maui with girlfriends for their birthdays. I’m feeling the need to hide in her suitcase … anyone else?

Lynne and her husband, Douglas, have been married for 17 years! Lynne grew up in Los Angeles County, CA and Douglas grew up in Orange County, CA but they happened to meet on an internet dating site in 1998! They soon found out their fathers worked together at the University of California, Irvine, and they just happened to know each other too. Sounds like it was in the stars for the two of them. I mean, just look at them below – have you seen a cuter couple or a more beautiful picture?

unnamed (1)

I think this is what I loved learning about most when Lynne sent me her info – over a year ago she started volunteering as a docent at a private wildlife preserve. She finds it so rewarding, especially when the local elementary school children, as well as the teachers and parents, attend the educational tours. She gets to be around 21 exotic animals – all the way from a Green Iguana to a White Bengal Tiger!

So how’s that for a well-rounded and super talented gal? Even better, she’s super sweet! And fun fact – if you’re as into all the hashtags floating around the IG community, Lynne helps host #NatureLoveTuesday – one of my absolute favorite hashies (as I like to call them). The related posts are beyond stunning!

You can find Lynne (Art by Lynne Ann) on her website, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Make sure to follow along so you don’t miss out on any of her beautiful creations! More details on the goods pictured above can be found here as well ~


unnamed (1)

And that’s a wrap for today’s feature! I hope you enjoyed “meeting” Lynne as much as I have. Be sure to go say hey and show her some love! I’ll leave you with a quote I found while perusing her website ( that I just love –

“Life’s a garden, get outside and dig it!”

Happy week ahead 🙂


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