Hostess Gifting 101

With Fall right around the corner (thank the LORD) I thought it’d be fitting to share some of my favorite hostess gifts. After all, with Fall comes the start of the holiday season and that means lots of things including parties! I absolutely love entertaining and I find it so endearing when people come bearing a thoughtful hostess gift … not that they have to by any means (gosh I sincerely hope I didn’t just scare off people from ever coming over to our house gift-less), but isn’t it a super sweet gesture when they do? I’ve been to my share of shindigs over the years as well so I’ve had a good bit of experience picking out some fun gifts myself. Below I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 – all under $30 and guaranteed to make the hostess smile. And if not feel free to send them my way šŸ™‚

1 – Candles

Who doesn’t love a good candle? The fun thing about these is that no matter the season, there’s a candle for that. Or keep it to a year-round smell and gift them with a Corked Candle. These fun 100% soy candles come in a repurposed wine bottle with a huge cork stopper which puts out the flame – how clever is that? Sangria has been my go-to scent lately (and let me tell you, I’m super sensitive to smells so I honestly shy away from many candle scents) but this one is seriously so lovely smelling. Check out their website for other fun scents and styles.

And better yet, use code HOUSEOFLOVE to get $5 off yours!



2 – Hand Cream

Everyone uses hand cream, right? I go through it entirely too fast because my hands are always thirsty it seems. My go-to is Beautycounter’s Citrus Mimosa hand cream. The smell is to die for and something I think everyone would be a fan of. The plus side – Beautycounter is known for their safeĀ ingredients and they even have a “never list” of over 1500 harmful or questionable ingredients they refuse to add to their products!



3 – Succulents

These are all the rage right now (have been for some time actually) and I don’t think their popularity will die down anytime soon. Plus, you don’t have to possess a green thumb to keep these suckers alive. Go a step further and gift the hostess with a succulent inside a gorgeous pot. My favorite? See the super unique handmade ceramic planter below ~


4 – Essential Oils / Diffusers

Like succulents, diffusers and essential oils seem to be all the rage right now. Know for a fact the hostess already has a diffuser? Gift them with an oil – peppermint and lavender are my go-to’s but there are so many different options out there it’s quite amazing. For even more fun (and to help with the decision-making process), gift them with a variety pack!


If you know the hostess doesn’t have a diffuser, there are many options below $30. I’ve personally been slightly obsessed with the wood-grain looking ones.


If they already have a diffuser or you’re just not sure, play it safe and gift them with a mini diffuser (save some bucks too). There are several options but I stumbled upon this one and thought it was just so gosh darn cute.



5 – Wine

When all else fails, wine. Simple as that. I tend to lean towards Pinot Noir for a red or Sauvignon Blanc for a white, but that could just be because those are my favorites. I am, by no means, a wine expert. It all tastes pretty darn good to me.


Hopefully this list will come in handy for some of you this upcoming party season. I’m about to go stock up on some of these so I’ll be ready for any party that may come our way. Plus … Christmas isn’t that far off. Just sayin’ šŸ™‚





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