Bathroom Reno

I’d love to say our attic renovation is completely done but it’s still missing some paint, some wallpaper and some light fixtures … and some organization. The attic bathroom, however, is done!

The “construction” phase of the bathroom reno involved tearing up the tile floors, tearing out the 2 vanities and knocking down a wall – you know, just totally minor stuff. We (and by “we” I mean my handy brother) then installed new tile floors – NuCore Luxury Vinyl Tile to be exact, which I was totally skeptical about to begin with but now that they’re installed I couldn’t love them more. We then put in one new vanity and left the area where the other vanity had been open to give the bathroom more space. Due to having to cut the vanity top to make it fit in the space and due to the cut not exactly being what you’d call straight (no renovations are trouble-free, amiright?), my brother installed a wood surround around the top of the vanity to hide the imperfection and I have to say it looks kinda like perfection at this point. The walls were painted with a custom-made color by yours truly.  Basically I mixed two blue paints together (Sherwin Williams Regatta & Sherwin Williams Oceanside). It’s not quite the color I was going for but I’m not about to repaint it so it’ll do for now. I may leave the custom colors up to someone else next time. We replaced the toilet but decided to leave the bathtub as is since it was in such good shape. We did update the faucet, showerhead and drain parts. Two new light fixtures and a new mirror were installed and then I began my favorite part – the decorating!

Here are some pics with sources tagged at bottom:

The Before 


Goodbye Old Vanities & Wall


Hello New Floors, New Paint, New Vanity


Final Touches


Next up — my craft room!! Keep an eye out for that post coming soon (I hope) 😉

Happy Monday to all!



  1. Heather says:

    Love it! and I love how your use of bold colors. Always admired your style. Miss you

    1. lcetter says:

      Thank you so much Heather! That seriously means a lot to me! Miss you too and hope you are doing well ❤️

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