Why E-Design

What Is E-Design?

An (affordable) alternative to traditional interior design. E-Design services are basically interior design services offered completely virtually. Cutting out the need for lengthy in-person meetings and travel time allows for lower prices AND allows for clients anywhere to work with designers anywhere. You can count on my E-Design services to be a simpler process from start to finish than most traditional interior design services. You can also count on a quicker turnaround time than traditional design services.

Why E-Design vs Traditional Design

More affordable. Flat-rate fees rather than hourly fees that add up.

Quicker start date.

Quicker turnaround.

More availability from designer. No need to coordinate your schedule with your designer’s schedule in order to meet. All communication done via email or phone, whenever.

Less pressure on your end. Draft boards sent electronically for you to review at your own speed. Length of entire process is typically more dependent on you (the client) than the designer.


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