Recent Client Designs

A peek at some of my recent client design boards …

G Family Room
F Family Room
V Basement
M Family Room

D Nursery
T Sitting Room

F Dining Room
K Basement
F Guest Room

P Yoga Studio

S Family Room
D Nursery


About Me

Hey there! Welcome to L Claire Designs! I’m Lindsay, the face behind it all. I’m a scientist by day but my love and passion for all things design, decor & DIY-related have me staying up way too late working on projects – both for myself and for my clients. Currently my main jam is room designs for my local clients around Marietta, GA; however I recently started offering E-Design services as well. Many of my projects are featured on my blog, so take a look and let me know what you think. I also get a huge kick out of baking and writing, so you’ll definitely see the occasional recipe and/or some of my random thoughts from time to time on the blog, amidst all the room designs, decorating ideas and DIY projects. I would be beyond thrilled to work with you and help make your visions & dreams become your reality. Thanks for being here!

Why E-Design

What Is E-Design?

An (affordable) alternative to traditional interior design. E-Design services are basically interior design services offered completely virtually. Cutting out the need for lengthy in-person meetings and travel time allows for lower prices AND allows for clients anywhere to work with designers anywhere. You can count on my E-Design services to be a simpler process from start to finish than most traditional interior design services. You can also count on a quicker turnaround time than traditional design services.

Why E-Design vs Traditional Design

More affordable. Flat-rate fees rather than hourly fees that add up.

Quicker start date.

Quicker turnaround.

More availability from designer. No need to coordinate your schedule with your designer’s schedule in order to meet. All communication done via email or phone, whenever.

Less pressure on your end. Draft boards sent electronically for you to review at your own speed. Length of entire process is typically more dependent on you (the client) than the designer.

Pricing Info

E-Design Packages

A Helping Hand

This package is perfect for those who have a pretty good idea of what they want when it comes to style/colors/etc. Maybe you already have some of the space figured out and just need a little help figuring out the rest. Maybe your room just needs a little updated refresh. Or maybe you just need a little guidance finding the perfect pieces and/or the perfect layout for the pieces you do have. If so, this package is for you!

One Room – $249

Includes up to 2 design boards

Up to 1 revision on chosen design

Sourcing info for all products from final design

Stuck In The Middle

This package is perfect for those who are somewhere in the middle. Maybe you feel like you have a pretty good idea of what you want to see, but maybe you’re also curious to see what else is out there. Maybe you’re torn between using a specific space as an office or as a playroom (or maybe both). Maybe you’re on the fence as to which design style you want to go with and want to see more than just one option. Maybe three times really is a charm and the fact that this package offers up to 3 design boards makes it the perfect choice for you.

One Room – $349

Includes up to 3 design boards

Up to 2 revisions on chosen design

Sourcing info for all products from final design

Do It All

Feeling stuck? Don’t even know where to start? Don’t have the time to deal with interior design? No worries my friend; there’s a package for you too! This package is perfect for those who want someone to take the wheel and do all the steering. From start to finish, the work on your end will be minimal. Just send me a pic of the space and some measurements and I’ll take it from there. I’ll send plenty of ideas your way so we can narrow down what it is you’re truly looking for. There’s even an add-on option if you want me to do all the ordering at the end!

One Room – $449

Includes up to 4 design boards

Up to 3 revisions on chosen design

Sourcing info for all products from final design

All packages include a consultation at no additional cost. We’ll “meet” either by email or phone so I can get an idea of any specifics you have in mind, as well as how involved you want to be, etc. I’ll ask for pics of the space (as well as pics of any existing pieces you may want to use), along with measurements of the space. After this initial consultation, you’re free to reach out to me whenever needed – there’s no limit on conversation with me!

Multi-Room discounts available. Just ask!

Hate on-line ordering? I LOVE IT! For an extra fee of $129, I’ll do all the ordering for you!

Bookshelf styling is a huge hobby of mine. Strange maybe, but I love it! Styling fee is $109 & includes up to 2 design boards featuring different products (up to 1 revision on chosen design) & links to all products from final design.
Additional revisions can be added on to any package at $79/revision.